Assorted CD sleeves for photographers. Mystery CD sleeves.

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Assorted CD sleeves for photographers and for wedding favors. 

You will receive the CD sleeves of my choosing. They could or could not be the ones shown in the photo or in the rest of my website. If you prefer to choose your CD sleeves, check my other listings and purchase them separately. 

This is a good way to get cheap cd sleeves from a very wide different designs. Besides, the design will be a surprise! If you purchase 50 or less CD sleeves I can guarantee that no two CD sleeves would be the same. I will try my best with orders greater than that but I can't guarantee there won't be duplicates.


This CD sleeve is made out of patterned paper (not cardstock). I cut, score, glue and punch the semi circle.

It measures approx. 5x5 inches (12.7 x 12.7 cm). It is perfect for photography business, CD packaging or Wedding favors. You can decorate it or embellish it to make your own paper projects and store your CD photos there.