Handmade Anniversary Card with Hedgehogs. h259

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 Your love is one of a kind, just like this handmade card. Beautiful love hedgehog card perfect for Valentine's day or your wedding anniversary. If you really want to give her something special, why don't you give her a handmade card? You will giving your message in something unique, that no one else has, that she can cherish forever. 

 How did I make it?

  • First of all, I cut the card base in grey yardstick and the front panel in white cardstock. The card measures approximately 4.25x5.5 inches when folded. I try my best to be accurate when I cut but... I'm not a machine! At the back of the card there is my brand glued in a piece of paper. 
  • The front panel has the image of the two hedgehog, which was hand colored using professional markers. Then I added the hearts using a stencil and different color inks.
  • After the coloring, I selectively embossed with paw prints all the front panel except the part where the hedgehogs are colored. 
  • Then I added some color using ink and a sponge to the front panel and I die cut the word love and glued it to the panel. At last, I attached the front panel to the card base. 

What's so special?

  • It's one of a kind. You won't find the same card anywhere else.
  • It's perfect for hedgehog lovers and people who value the handmade process.
  • You'll be supporting small business for almost the same price you pay for a mass produced card. 


Important information

  • The little bird on top of the image is my watermark. It doesn't appear in the card.
  • The card comes with a kraft envelope in a cellophane sleeve.
  • Stamp by Crafty Sentiments Designs.