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Ice-cream solves everything elephant card. h333

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How sweet would it be if ice-cream would solve all the problems. This one of a kind greeting card with an elephant and a little mouse having an ice-cream cone together is perfect for your friend or loved one when they are having a rough time. It will make their day brighter when they receive this card with your loving message. 

How did I make it?

  • First of all, I cut the card base in black cardstock and the front panel in white cardstock. The card measures approximately 4.25x5.5 inches when folded. I try my best to be accurate when I cut but... I'm not a machine! At the back of the card there is my brand glued in a piece of paper. 
  • The front panel consists in several pieces glued together. The background piece is a white rectangle with ice creams stamped in grey ink. At the top, there is another piece of cardstock with the image of the elephant and the mouse eating ice cream. I personally  hand colored this image using professional markers.
  • After the coloring, I  glued everything together, including the little die cut with the sentiment stamped on it. The sentiment reads "Ice-cream solves everything". 

What's so special?

  • It's one of a kind. You won't find the same card anywhere else. 
  • It's perfect for Elephant lovers and people who value the handmade process of making something unique.
  • You'll be supporting small business for almost the same price you pay for a mass produced card, getting in return a one of a kind product and a different experience that you would have had in a big commercial store.


Important information

  • The little bird on top of the image is my watermark. It doesn't appear in the card.
  • The card comes with a kraft envelope in a cellophane sleeve.
  • Stamp by Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez. You can find it here.