Day 15 | Digi of the Day

Day 15 | Digi of the Day

Jan 15th 2021

boy healing owl


I'm back with a new digital stamp, as it has been every day since January 1st. This new released one is called Healing Owls, and it has a little boy healing an owl in the leg. He is using a very long bandage and I think everything will be ok. 

This digital stamp is perfect for veterinarians, bird rescuers, owl lovers.... I have been asked if I have a girl version of it. At this moment, no, I don't, but if you print the image in very soft lines I'm sure you can change the hair and make it longer so it doesn't make much of a difference. Or maybe adding a pony tail?

Have a great rest of your week!



PS: you can find this digital stamp here in my store or here if you live outside of USA.