Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez offers a wide range of images and paper crafts made by Patricia Alvarez (me).  

I am a self taught illustrator who always did realistic drawing. I have been a scientific illustrator and my work has been published in books and scientific magazines. What changed? Well… I had kids. I discovered a that I had imagination after all and I needed, somehow, to put my ideas on paper. I have never been a great writer but I love drawing, so that is how I started to draw children’s illustrations. 

I love drawing cute images, they are often a little funny. If you want to craft with unique designs with a little twist sometimes this is the place. I have a huge selection of mermaids for example. If you are a mermaid lover, I'm sure you'll find something to your taste. My drawings are in general very easy to color. It doesn't matter if you are a great colorist or not, you can make beautiful projects either way. If you don't color, why not to check my colored images instead? You can find lots of them already colored, and more and more coming as I color my images too. Are you looking to complement your projects with some digital papers? with some sentiments? with some clipart? Check, check and check!

If you can't find what you are looking for and you think my style is perfect for your needs, contact me! I might be able to help you!