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About me




Kinda Cute by Patricia Alvarez offers a wide range of images and paper crafts made by Patricia Alvarez (me).  

I am a self taught illustrator who always did realistic drawing. I have been a scientific illustrator and my work has been published in books and scientific magazines. What changed? Well… I had kids. I discovered a that I had imagination after all and I needed, somehow, to put my ideas on paper. I have never been a great writer but I love drawing, so that is how I started to draw children’s illustrations. 

I love drawing cute images, they are often a little funny. Inspired in books, my life, my kids and the stories I tell them. My dream? to write and illustrate one picture book (easy right?). I started sharing my illustrations on Instagram and people were so interested in coloring them that I started making digital and clear stamps. I am learning as much as I can because, believe it or not, this is a new world for me! Patience with me, I just started, this is going to get better ;). 

Not everything is drawing or painting in my life. I love doing paper crafts and you will find that little by little my shop will be filled with more packaging and cards. Paper crafts help me to disconnect and maintain my creativity too.

In my "free" time...I just love doing anything with my family. It doesn't matter what it is as long as we are all together.